Bhutan: Powered by nature

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The primary source of energy and also the primary source of GDP in Bhutan comes from water. Swift flowing water. Bhutan is endowed with fast-flowing rivers and deep valleys which makes it a perfect place for harnessing the power of renewable energy. Hydropower is proven to be eco-friendly and sustainable due to its renewable nature. This aligns with the policies of the country which strictly focuses on the conservation of nature. It provides additional benefits such as flood control, irrigation, and water supply.

The first hydropower plant that was constructed is the Chhukha Hydro project which produces 336 Megawatts of electricity. There are five other major hydropower projects namely Tala Hydro project (1020MW), Dagacchu (126MW), Basochhu (64MW), Kurichu (60MW) and Mangdechhu (720MW).