The unraveling of Paro Tshechu

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One of the most important annual religious festival in Bhutan is Tshechu which held in every Dzongkhag of the country. Its unique for every Dzongkhag has its date is reliant on the relative position of the Dzongkhag and the month it is going to be held.

Paro Tshechu is one of the most significant in the country as it was founded by Zhabdrung Ngwang Namgyel in the 17th century who is a significant figure himself. The Flamboyant display of dances and colurs lasts for 5 days. Scores of people gather around from The neighbouring Dzongkhags to be graced by the presence of Thongdrel of Guru Rinpoche on the last day which is belived to clense the sins of the viewers. Mask Dances like any other form of dance in the world is expression of message thourgh body language. The difference being the message is of religious context.

Paro Tshechu for that matter any Tshechu is not bounded by serious religious tone as people can also engage themselves in recreational activities through stalls and gather together as a community to celebrate the jubilant days.