The highest Unclimbed mountain in the world

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Mankind has pushed every possible boundary to explore possibilities. We have reached outer space, the moon and even the depths of the oceans, dug into the core of the earth and climbed the highest of the highest mountains. Gangkhar Puensum standing 7570m above sea level is the highest Un-climbed mountain in the world. It is to date the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. That means there is no route, no guide towards the submit.

Why has it remained unclimbed? Most mountains in Bhutan remain unexplored for numerous reasons.

One of the reason is since Bhutan is a country which is in its best efforts to keep the pristine locations untainted. For that reason, mountaineering was banned in 2004. The second important reason is that the mountains are believed to be residents of gods and deities and should remain undisturbed. The third reason is the mere difficulty of climbing. There were 4 attempts to reach the summit between 1985 to 1994, all of which failed because of the difficult terrain and lack of proper route.