Mr. Raj – A Holiday to Bhutan

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The welcoming

Holiday to Bhutan

We at Ambo tours and travel were super pleased to host Mr. Raj who hails from Bangalore who visited us for a holiday to Bhutan. The western Bhutan awaited Mr. Raj with all of its secrets. We received him with the traditional Khadar from the international airport in Paro, the real Bhutanese style. The moment we received him we could make out that he was an ardent traveler with a taste for the new and an appetite to explore the horizons.

Upon arrival in Thimphu, to give him a brief but crisp Bhutanese experience we checked into a local restaurant that serves steaming traditional Bhutanese cuisine. We then headed towards a viewpoint in Sangaygang to feast our eye the overall perspective of the experience ahead. He halted the night in Thimphu.

Mr. Raj vs the week off in Bhutan: Day 1

The next morning we visited the tallest sitting Buddha in Thimphu locally known as the Buddha Doerdenma followed by Memorial Chorten. It was a refreshing spiritual experience for us all.

Our next stop was the folk heritage museum which curates an exposure into the age-old Bhutanese culture. It was followed by lunch in Zandopelri restaurant as Mr. Raj had grown very fond of Bhutanese cuisine. Lunch was followed by a trip to Dochula. Mr. Guru Raj erected prayer flags in Dochula.

He also visited the Druk Wangyel Temple for another treat of a spiritual experience.

Into the Tiger’s Nest

The next day was reserved for Paro, a hike towards Paro Taksang. He was able to cover the entire distance at a very good time of 4 hours. The sight of the tiger’s nest lit up his face as is with everyone who visits the famous tiger’s nest.

After the visit Mr. Raj was treated with a hot stone bath, The bath is believed to have a medicinal effect and it was well deserved for making it to and back from the tiger’s nest in four hours. That evening Mr. Guru Raj wanted to have the experience of a typical rural life in Bhutan and for that reason, we visited a Farmhouse in Paro.

Birthday surprise during the getaway to Bhutan

Little did he know that the team at ambo had prepared a surprise birthday dinner. Although he didn’t tell us about it, we learned about it from his travel documents and how could we not celebrate such an occasion.

His birthday was celebrated in a traditional Bhutanese fashion. A cake was brought which had no candles as we wouldn’t want to extinguish light on an occasion this important. The cake did not have his name written on it as well, it would end up getting cut in several pieces which are considered to be a bad omen and we only wanted the best for Mr. Raj.

Instead, a butter lamp was lit which represents enlightenment. He was overjoyed with the surprise. Then it was time for unwrapping gifts which included prayer wheel, a replica of memorial Chorten and statue of sitting Buddha.

Team Ambo and Mr. Raj ended the evening with Italian wine.

Nearing the dreaded goodbye!

The next morning we decided to go for an additional excursion for Mr. Raj which wasn’t planned earlier. This was due to his late flight to Kolkata. We then headed to Dzongdrakha for two important reasons.

Firstly it is a site which is rarely visited by the tourist and secondly it gives the best view of the entire Paro valley.

Mr. Raj became so fond of Bhutanese cuisine that his stomach got upset about the excessive chili. However, he did recover and wanted to continue having Bhutanese cuisines. After lunch, we drove to the Drugyel Dzong which is under renovation to have a glimpse of the modern Bhutanese Architecture.

We then proceeded towards Kichu Lhakhang which he read about in the lonely planet. It is believed that orange trees give fruit in that region due to the prayers of the local people. He decided to meditate inside the Lhakhang where he felt spiritually rejuvenated. He also treated himself to a herbal bath in a Bathtub to rejuvenate his body.

To infinity and Beyond, The Holiday to Bhutan ends

The next day we bid our farewell and dropped him off to the airport.

We at Ambo Tours and Travels stayed in contact with him till he reached Bangalore via Kolkota and have built a friendship out of a short holiday to Bhutan spent together in the small but beautiful country that we call home.